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Varsity Sports Network - Suncoast

The ONLY 24/7 High School Sports Network on Florida's Suncoast. Availble in your browser, on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.

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Available FREE-TO-WATCH in your browser, on Roku, AppleTV, FireTV, and YouTube. Download "Varsity Sports Network" and tune into "Suncoast!"

Our Mission

To provide student-athletes the exposure that they so rightfully deserve - delivered through high-level broadcasting on a free-to-watch platform for their families, communities and fans around the world to enjoy.

The Student Athlete

We're committed to promoting student-athletes from across Florida's Suncoast to help them connect with their families, communities, and fans throughout the world. We take pride in giving the student-athlete a platform upon which they can showcase their incredible abilities to potential college scouts, coaches, and programs to further their academic and athletic careers at the next level.

The Broadcast

We're committed to utilizing only high-level broadcast standards, techniques, and practices for the content which we create and assist other high school streaming outlets around the area elevate their ability to cover athletic events. We believe in being the "home" for ALL independent broadcast streamers in addition to the content we produce as the network itself. Winner Best Overall Stream in the World, Winner #1 Sports Stream in the World

The Platform

Free. A core component of our mission is being able to deliver to our viewers free-to-watch content on both the internet, AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Roku, and video-on-demand content through YouTube. This mission component is completely funded by advertisers and support from our viewers. We do not charge any student-athlete, school or district - nor our viewers - for their appearance or viewership of this network.

Easy Access

In an effort to make sure everyone has access to our channel, we broadcast on multiple platforms, including your web browser. No sign ups, no extra hoops, just download and watch.

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Advertise with us!

Here you can see a few of our advertising options.

Pre-roll and Post-roll Ads

Get the most viewership with a pre-roll ad that plays before the channel loads.

In-Show Content Ads

Want your ad to be everywhere? We can run your ads throughout every program we broadcast. This is for you.


Advertise 24/7 on all 16 of our channels with our fancy new ticker! Limited slots available.


Looking to reach a bigger audience? We offer statewide advertising across all 16 of our channels.


We offer the ability to donate to certain student athlete associations and in return we can offer ad space!

Contact Us

Have a question? Want to be featured as a Game of the Week? Reach out to us! Worst case we say no. No harm in asking!

(941) 345-6226

1009 10th Ave W, Palmetto, FL 34221
United States